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The jQueryGridDialog framework provides a re-usable framework to deal with AJAX master-detail editing.

The framework contains 4 classes, and follows the MVC pattern.


This class handles the Create function for the entity.


This class provides an abstraction around the colorbox plugin, and is used to display the dialog which is defined in the HTML.


This class provides an abstraction for the jQuery DataTables plugin, and handles editing of rows.


This class provides the logic for the above Grid and Dialog Views.  It will create and edit the rows for the grid.

Admittedly, at the moment it probably knows **too much** about the underlying data table, and should not use the API!  I know this and a later version will abstract this and communicate only via the GridView.

Important: This is an abstract class.  You must provide an override for each specific detail entity.  ExampleController is provided as an example.

jsDoc documentation is available here.


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