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**NOTE: This project is not under active development.  However it does provide very basic examples of Javascript OO - it's certainly not perfect but may give some new developers food for thought **


Project Description
An object-oriented Javascript framework that abstracts grid and dialog controls.

With this framework, it makes it easy to provide AJAX-based data entry and updates.

The framework is set up to provide master-detail editing; the master is handled through post-back (not shown or handled) and the detail is rendered as a jquery DataTable (

Editing/Adding new rows is handled by the framework and opens the relevant dialog (rendered via colorbox -

Rows are added and edited using the jQuery DataTables API.  The data is sent in JSON format to the server via an AJAX post.  Only that corresponding row is refreshed, saving on data transfer.

** this is not an out of the box solution.  Example Controllers and HTML is provided, but you will need to provide your own server-side logic to save/get the data. **


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